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Core CMS Updates: Prioritizing Proactive Protection

Maintaining the currency and security of your website's core content management system (CMS) is of utmost importance.

We highly recommend keeping your CMS upgraded to the latest version at all times. It's not worth the risk.

CMS Updates

CMS providers routinely release updates, which can include anything from general system improvements to vital security patches.

These security updates address potential vulnerabilities, such as software bugs or outdated code, which could be exploited. As such, it is crucial to implement these updates promptly upon their release to safeguard your website's functionality and security. At Hedge Digital, we prioritize proactive protection and help ensure your website runs on the most recent and secure version of your CMS.

Website Vulnerabilities

Website vulnerabilities can pose significant risks to your business, potentially leading to a wide range of issues that can negatively impact your online presence and reputation.

Data Breaches

If your website has vulnerabilities, it could be targeted by cybercriminals seeking to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. This could include customer data, financial information, or proprietary business information. A data breach could lead to financial losses and damage to your business's reputation.

Trust and Reputation Damage

If users learn that your website has been compromised, it can seriously damage your brand's reputation. Users want to know that their data is safe, and a breach can lead to a loss of trust that takes time and effort to rebuild.


Vulnerabilities can be exploited to launch attacks that cause your website to crash or slow down significantly, leading to downtime. This can disrupt your online operations, lead to lost sales, and create a negative experience for your users.

Legal and Compliance Issues

If you're subject to data protection regulations (like GDPR or CCPA), a data breach resulting from a website vulnerability could lead to hefty fines and legal issues.

SEO Impact

Websites compromised by vulnerabilities can be flagged by search engines and even blacklisted, severely impacting your search engine rankings and visibility.

Keeping your CMS updated helps protect against these potential vulnerabilities.

Updates often include security patches designed to address known vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of these issues impacting your business. By proactively maintaining and updating your CMS, you can help safeguard your business from these potential risks and ensure a secure, reliable online presence for your users.

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