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Website Design

Creative is at the core of our business and it’s a thread that runs through everything we do.

From initial template design to feature-rich functioning digital platforms, it is our attention to detail that differentiates our clients from their competitors.

We work with luxury brands and financial companies to understand and define so that we can translate your values into rich digital experiences, enforcing your message and connecting with your audience.

Splash Page

Launch your brand online.

If you are starting up, or just need a presence online to consolidate your brand, HEDGE Digital can create a splash page which doesn’t have to be plain; we make single pages to give your business website a proactive feel which extends contact information.

To order a unique design which is entirely relevant to your business, get in contact today and let’s talk options.

Three Pager

The three-page website solution concentrates on who you are, what you do and how to get in contact.

This slimline route can be quite effective for those that do not need a great detail of information to be broadcast and run towards the more discreet presence.

The homepage will generally consist of an introduction, flowing towards a more in depth outline.

Contact is recommended to have a form with fields, as necessary.

Fiver Pager

Our classic solution should cover most brochure situations where your information is broken down into five pillars of wisdom.

Home to include a dynamic introduction with a concise message clearly representing your field and expertise, following down to a user-flow element to funnel the user towards a detailed page about product. From there a short piece on company philosophy which leads the user to the team page and last, but not least, contact.

We recognise each business has their own information set and that the above might not be the best way to represent your story, HEDGE Digital will work with you to create the perfect solution and turn your message in to a work of art.

Custom Website Build

Developing functionality around your content.

This is where we exceed: creating a visual narrative around your message is what we do best.

We build custom websites based on your needs; it may be grabbing an API to produce dynamic content, or crunching NAV data to be accessed by the end user. HEDGE Digital will provide the tools you need to start displaying rich interfaces which amplify content.

Building the correct balance between message and visual representation is the key to success; we always work in-line with your target. All content has to lead to a direct action which benefits your company, how everything is displayed is crucial to getting the user to take that final step, make a decision, send a form, make a call.


Creative is now one of the most important facets in an organisation’s digital presence. We create beautiful platforms to demonstrate your value and alter the way the world sees you.

Website Design
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Branding & Corporate Identity


Being modular, we can ‘plug’ components for API’s, XML and other feeds, user and group administration, content management, document repository and other functionality you require.

Investor Areas
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Content Management
Form Processing
Tracking & Statistics
Security Tools


Solutions that can flex and grow with the scope of requirement along with risk management for your website. Keeping all content secure and backed up is of major importance.

Dedicated Editors
Content Updates
Core Website Upgrades
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Website Hosting